In the modern world of smart phones, tablets and tiny laptops, Social Media follows you anywhere and everywhere you go, easily accessible with just the touch of an icon. It is no wonder that businesses have realised just how important it is to grow a Social Media presence, and use this booming communication channel to develop Brand communities. It enables businesses to be actively present with you everywhere you go. Who would have thought this possible just 5 years ago?

But why does Social Media really matter to businesses?


Widely available: As touched on above, Social Media is a communication channel that is readily accessible to your customers or potential customers anywhere and everywhere they go. Businesses can and should take advantage of this fact. Growing your Social Media presence puts your Brand in the minds of your target customers, and awareness often evolves into buying intention just when it matters.
Customers want to know your business: Customers have more choice than ever before, and are more interested in what businesses are really about. It is not just about products and services any more, it is about the business behind the products and services. Having a voice matters, and your business needs to work to be heard. Social Media is one of the most effective ways to amplify your voice so that those who really matter – your customers – know who you are and what you represent as a business and a Brand.

Competitive advantage


Some industries were slow to adopt Social Media. However, it is now the case that most businesses in the majority of industry sectors see tangible value in Social Media and have started to use Social Media actively. Customers increasingly look to Social Media as a sign that a business is valid, modern and professional. If your business has not adopted Social Media or has inactive Social Media accounts, then you will appear inferior to your competitors, and risk losing the trust of your existing or potential customer base.

Alexa traffic rank


Alexa Traffic Rank is a popularity comparison measure of all websites on the Internet. Social Media sites dominate the top 20 places, with Facebook at number 1, Twitter at number 13, LinkedIn at number 14. Google+ has not reached these heights yet, but is currently the fastest growing Social Network with over 350million users. Any business that is serious about growing an online presence has to be active on the most popular websites, especially when these Social Media websites have become so relevant to their business (and to their customers).
So there we have it, Social Media does matter and looks set to matter more in the future. If your business has not yet embraced this new age communication channel then why not start today? You can either get started yourself or employ the services of an online marketing agency. Remember to check out their Social Media presence, to make sure they walk-the-walk not just talk-the-talk, and establish clear goals so that progression is well directed.