Over the last few years the online world has gone video crazy. You’re unlikely to find anyone under the age of eighty who hasn’t heard of YouTube, and almost half of internet users will have watched an online video in the last month according to comScore.

Video is a powerful tools as people connect with it on a more emotional level than the written word. They are more likely to remember something they have heard and seen on a video than something they have read, and to act on the information that they have viewed. Whether it’s a corporate video introducing a recruitment company, or a how-to demonstration of the latest SLR camera, online videos are hot property.


The popularity of online videos has meant a boom in video guides or tutorials as people would rather watch a video demonstration than read a long list of written instructions. Video tutorials can provide a valuable revenue stream, while also establishing your knowledge and authority in your particular area of business. Here are a few tips for making your video tutorials or guides really stand out from the rest.


Create a high quality video


It might sound obvious but the better the quality of your video, the better value you provide for your customers, and the more likely they are to recommend it to friends or colleagues. There are plenty of film companies who will take care of the video production for you so there’s no excuse for an unprofessional product.


Find a truly useful subject


Before you start filming make sure your tutorial is about something that people really want to know. A little research should show you whether there is a demand for your guide or tutorial and whether people are likely to buy it. Whether your video demonstrates how to create a WordPress site from scratch, or how to cater a children’s birthday party on a shoestring; if there is a demand for it, it will sell.


Attract customer reviews


Customer reviews are a crucial part of marketing your video tutorials. Reviews are proven to increase conversions because they are seen as more trustworthy than product descriptions, they remove any doubts the customer may have, and they help the customer to choose between products. Talk to video production companies to make sure they can add a prompt at the end of your video asking the viewer to leave a product review, and make the review process as simple as possible.


Create a highlights section


Producing a short video including sample snippets from your video tutorial is a great way for customers to try before they buy and will help you to increase your sales. Make sure the highlights section includes some valuable advice to tempt the customer, without giving away too much. Short and sweet is certainly the key here.


So have you considered creating video tutorials for your business? If you’d like to get going with video production, Birmingham has some great locations for filming. We’re more than happy to help you get started, just drop us a line or give us a call and we will point you in a right direction.